3 Tips that May Help You Prepare for Your Next Tyre Purchase

Do you actually inspect and maintain your tyres? Find out how you can keep your tyres on your car for longer.

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3 Tips that May Help You Prepare for Your Next Tyre Purchase

18 August 2015
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Like most car owners, you likely buy tyres based on the recommendation of a mechanic or based on what you have bought in the past. This can get expensive and it can leave you with the lack of knowledge you need regarding your tyres and how suited they are for your car. Before you make your next tyre purchase, consider the following tips that may put you in a position were you are more knowledgeable and prepared for the purchase.

Reading the Tyre Markings

One thing that will prepare you for making your next tyre purchase is to learn how to read tyre markings. These markings will tell you the width of the tyre, radial structure, internal diameter, maximum weight the tyre can handle and the maximum speed the tyres can handle. All of these things are very important, even if they seem they aren't. For example, the weight the tyre can handle is vital to the life of your tyres. If the combined weight of the car and the riders in the car exceeds the maximum weight amount on a routine basis, then your tyres won't last as long.

Understanding Tyre Labels

The information you need to know about tyres doesn't stop with the markings. The tyre label helps you understand the particular brand and make of tyre and how it works with gas efficiency and how its rating relates to current CO2 levels. In addition to this information, you will also find information regarding the rolling resistance, how the tyre handles in wet weather and the level of noise from the tyre while in motion. If you are looking for a tyre that helps reduce your gas consumption and handles well in rainy conditions, then understanding the tyre label is important to your purchase.

Knowing When to Buy New Tyres

One of the reasons you may purchase new tyres is because your mechanic advises it. This could be for several reasons, but understanding when you should buy new tyres will help with the purchase and the timing of that purchase. Some signs that it is time to buy new tyres are abnormal wearing on the tire wall, deformations on the tyre, if a puncture has occurred and been repaired and if the tyre no longer meets standard tyre guidelines.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you prepare for your next tyre purchase. Remember, allow the professionals to help you install the new tyres and maintain them. These tips are simply to help you understand the choices you have and the purchase you make.