Useful Tips to Help Run Your Truck Tyres for Longer

Do you actually inspect and maintain your tyres? Find out how you can keep your tyres on your car for longer.

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Useful Tips to Help Run Your Truck Tyres for Longer

23 February 2016
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The prices of auto parts seem to be increasing with each passing day, and the cost of new truck tyres is no exception. Since it is the objective of virtually every trucking business to cut on operating cost, it would be prudent to look for ways of maintaining your fleet's tyres a bit better in order to extend their lifespan. Better looked-after tyres also mean you will be able to reduce downtime and roadside emergencies as well as better fuel efficiency and road safety. Now that you are aware of some of the essential benefits you can derive from better-maintained truck tyres, here are a few tips to help you take better care of your tyres.

Ensure proper inflation

Correct inflation of tyres is perhaps the most crucial thing you have to do to keep your tyres performing optimally for the longest time possible. At any time before your trucks can leave your premises, they must be inspected for tyre pressure. During the inspection, it is important to ensure that all vehicle tyres have the right amount of pressure. Remember, a tyre that has less than the specified amount of pressure for the load it is transporting will wear irregularly and fail ahead of time. An overinflated tyre, on the other hand, will experience decreased traction, produce a rougher ride, and become more vulnerable to damage caused by road hazards such as potholes. Aside from inspecting the tyres before they head for the roads, it is also important to instruct your drivers to make stop-overs along the way (e.g. at gas filling stations) so that they can monitor tyre pressure. 

Check on air quality

The quality of the air inflated into your tyres can also have a significant effect on how much service it renders to you. Tyres are designed and meant to run with air that is clean and dry. In order to make sure that the air inflated into the tyres is clean and dry, every air compressor should come with filters and in-line dryers. When air that is polluted with water finds its way into the tyres, the moisture can cause severe damage to the inner liner. Even though the valve cap is often viewed to be the primary seal against deflation of tyres, it can also help to reduce air contamination as well.

When properly followed, the above-discussed care tips can go a long way when it comes to elongating the lifespan of your truck tyres.