Is It Time for a Tyre Change? 2 Signs Your Tyres Are Damaged

Do you actually inspect and maintain your tyres? Find out how you can keep your tyres on your car for longer.

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Is It Time for a Tyre Change? 2 Signs Your Tyres Are Damaged

18 May 2021
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Cars have become more of a necessity than a luxury in today's world. However, your car can turn into a safety hazard if you do not take care of it as you should. Though many auto complications tend to go undetected, tyre problems are often noticeable. Even so, tyres remain one of the most ignored auto parts. It is easy to shelve off tyre replacement as long as the wheel is working.

On average, a tyre should serve you for six to ten years, depending on usage, riding style, and quality. However, you should inspect the tyres of your car for any indications of wear and fix issues immediately to avoid unwanted hitches on the road. Here are signs that it is time to get new tyres:

1. Insufficient Tyre Tread Depth

Great tyres to use are those with ample tyre tread depth. Naturally, tyres leave bits of rubber behind on the road surface as you drive the vehicle. Though these tyre bits are minuscule, they cause noticeable wear on the tyres over time. When that happens, the tyre tread will start to smooth out, and the tyres' grip on the road will reduce. Driving your car when the wheels are in this state compromises your safety and other road users. For that reason, you should regularly inspect your wheels for tread wear and replace them if need be. 

2. Leaking Air Due to a Punctured or Damaged Tyre

Naturally, tyre pressure will reduce after driving your vehicle for some time. But if the pressure is constantly dropping at a fast rate, you could be dealing with a damaged or punctured tyre. It might be necessary to visit a tyre shop to have the issue checked by your mechanic. The air leaking problem could be due to a poorly mounted filter valve, which is pretty simple to fix. But the puncture could be more severe, needing an immediate replacement. Doing this is crucial to avoid a tyre blowout when you are driving.

Car tyre problems can cause numerous issues like running late for an important appointment, being stranded in the middle of the road, or even an accident. That is why you need to inspect the tyres regularly to avoid such inconveniences and complications. And, when you notice tyre wear, you should take the vehicle to a reputable tyre shop as soon as possible so that your mechanic can repair or replace the wheels.