Do you actually inspect and maintain your tyres? Find out how you can keep your tyres on your car for longer.

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Spare Tyres: How to Protect and Maintain Your Wheels

Hi, my name is Martin, and I drive a micro car. Driving a micro car means that I don’t have room for a spare tyre — if I carried a spare tyre I there wouldn’t be room for much else. It is a real pain if I get a flat tyre as I have to call a recovery service. Since I can’t carry a spare tyre, I have learnt lots of cool tips and tricks to help to maintain and protect the tyres on my car. I decided to start this blog so I can pass my knowledge on to others.


The Manageable Assignment for New Car Owners! Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

6 January 2017
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Once you buy your car, you want to keep their ride going as long as possible. While it might be impossible to keep your car running forever, you can greatly extend the life of your vehicle and at the same time get as many miles from it as you can. Here are simple, manageable assignments that will help you extend the life of your vehicle. Rotate your tires Changing tire positions reduces uneven wear and tear on the thread. Read More …

Are Winter Tyres Really Necessary?

5 January 2017
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If you are moving to an area where the winters are harsh and snow is a regular feature, you might be wondering whether you should ask your mechanic to fit winter tyres to your car. But are winter tyres really necessary? What are their benefits? Read on for more information. What's the Point of Winter Tyres? Winter tyres are specially designed to stay supple and pliant in very cold temperatures and to provide maximum traction when you're driving on snow and ice. Read More …

What It Might Mean When Your Car’s “Check Engine” Light Comes On

30 December 2016
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It's never good to ignore any dashboard warning lights on your car, as these lights are triggered by sensors in the car that alert you to problems that might otherwise be easy to overlook. Ignoring these lights can mean running low on oxygen or suffering an electrical shutdown or other very damaging problem. If that "check engine" light does come on, note a few things that could be causing it so you know what tests to have done and what to expect by way of repair bills: Read More …

Tips for Choosing Caster Wheels That Turn Easily

22 December 2016
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Whether you are choosing castors for a wheelchair, a utility cart or a similar item, you need to choose your castors carefully. If executing great turns is important to you, there are several tips you should keep in mind while selecting your castors. 1. Weight Capability Every caster has a maximum amount of weight it can support. If your casters aren't strong enough to support the weight of your item, they may bow under the weight. Read More …

Replacement Vehicle Tyres: Understanding Your Options

8 March 2016
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Modern tyres are designed and made to provide prolonged service life. However, they are not infallible and will wear away due to aspects such as normal usage, driving habits, weather conditions and the state of the local roads. Therefore, you will need to purchase new tyres periodically to restore the traction and performance of your vehicle. In ideal circumstances, you should install the original type of tyres installed by the manufacturer. Read More …