Do you actually inspect and maintain your tyres? Find out how you can keep your tyres on your car for longer.

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Spare Tyres: How to Protect and Maintain Your Wheels

Hi, my name is Martin, and I drive a micro car. Driving a micro car means that I don’t have room for a spare tyre — if I carried a spare tyre I there wouldn’t be room for much else. It is a real pain if I get a flat tyre as I have to call a recovery service. Since I can’t carry a spare tyre, I have learnt lots of cool tips and tricks to help to maintain and protect the tyres on my car. I decided to start this blog so I can pass my knowledge on to others.


Useful Tips to Help Run Your Truck Tyres for Longer

23 February 2016
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The prices of auto parts seem to be increasing with each passing day, and the cost of new truck tyres is no exception. Since it is the objective of virtually every trucking business to cut on operating cost, it would be prudent to look for ways of maintaining your fleet's tyres a bit better in order to extend their lifespan. Better looked-after tyres also mean you will be able to reduce downtime and roadside emergencies as well as better fuel efficiency and road safety. Read More …

Understanding wheel alignment and its importance

7 December 2015
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One of the most important procedures conducted during log book servicing by companies like Bridgestone Select is wheel alignment. While mechanics and manufacturers may insist on its importance, some car owners may still not understand what it is or why it important. So what is it? Wheel alignment basically involves adjusting the angles of your car wheels so that they are exactly perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. You can usually tell that your car needs to have its wheel alignment adjusted by how it handles when you are driving. Read More …

3 Tips that May Help You Prepare for Your Next Tyre Purchase

18 August 2015
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Like most car owners, you likely buy tyres based on the recommendation of a mechanic or based on what you have bought in the past. This can get expensive and it can leave you with the lack of knowledge you need regarding your tyres and how suited they are for your car. Before you make your next tyre purchase, consider the following tips that may put you in a position were you are more knowledgeable and prepared for the purchase. Read More …